Acupressure also known as Sujok

Other name of Acupressure is know as Sujok. In this, treatment are given on Hands and Feet as it is structurally being the most similar body parts to the Human Body, these corresponding points are given for the related to parts/areas of human body for treating diseased.

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Acupressure points for all diseases

For regular well being, people can do self-treatment using various popular points in the body. Only in cases where professional help is required, one can approach the experienced practitioner. Daily stimulation of some points can be pressed for 5 minutes as a preventive measure. It is best done in the mornings to boost the energy levels. DO not press any point just after ……!

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Why Acupressure is more useful than other Therapy

Sometime or the other practically all chronic patients need complementary therapy to get well soon along with allopathic drugs. Today, acupressure is the most popular non-evasive method that is bringing patients to experienced therapists. This therapy is also known as Sujok in some parts of the world. The mere use of fingertips, hands elbows and feet ……!

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Online Treatment for Accupressure

Like most other therapies even acupressure can be accessed online. There are therapists and practitioners who can help people to connect online for their treatment. The following is possible as part of the online treatment.

  • Consultation – Diagnosis – Therapy through chat / skype – Video conferencing – Telephone – Email – Messenger

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Acupressure Course

Acupressure is indeed a very holistic healing method that does not harm. Anyone can do basic or advanced courses and learn this important therapy. To do the therapy is i best to study in a recognized institute whose certification is acceptable worldwide. In India, there are various institutions that offer different courses for those who wish to study and practice a career in acupressure therapy. There are correspondence courses which can be done online also.

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Acupressure Benefits

When a patient chooses acupressure treatment (i.e he/she does not have any health condition that cannot be cured or has just been operated on), the practitioner will diagnose, explain the treatment and how many sessions will be required to heal. When can the self-treatment begin and how the patient can continue to practice the same after the body balance has become normal. Done correctly it offers immense benefits too.

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Why Acupressure?

  • Treatment on Cure not Symptoms
  • Easy to apply by Yourself at Home
  • Fast Result Seen
  • No Side Effects
  • No Paint Treatment in other Therapy
  • And so much much more…