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Details about Healer Nisha 

Course Information Place Time
Basic Acupressure Course Vadodara May 2002
Advance Acupressure Course Vadodara Sep.2002
Super-Advance Acupressure Allahabad Dec.2002
Short Term Course M.S.University Vadodara Oct.2003
5th National Conference Allahabad Dec.2003
Smile Level One with “Prof.PARK JAEWOO” (Founder of Sujok Acupressure) Allahabad Dec.2003
Ayurvedic Acupressure Vadodara Oct.2004
IGNOU Certificate in Acupressure Ahmedabad Oct.2012
IGNOU Diploma in Acupressure Ahmedabad June 2014
Ear Auricular Acupuncture Ahmedabad Feb. 2019

What is acupressure?

The human body has self-curative properties just like other species. It is because, there is a rush to heal pain rapidly, and chemical based medicines have seeped into society. Before allopathic remedies were made available to us, the earliest human beings waited for wounds to heal without any external assistance. At the most, some points were pressed near the outer derma or layer of skin where the pain originated.

Various other names of this therapy

  • Sujok
  • Reflexology
  • Oriental Acupressure
  • Jin Shin Do
  • Shiastu
  • Marma Chikista
  • Acumassage

Detecting the blocked energy in the body

With time, many healers adopted this non-invasive strategy to restore the body. This method simply facilitates the body to reconcile on its own. Yes, it takes time, but the discomfort/agony/ache is gone forever! Fingers are pressed at vital and specific points on the body. The pressure put on the nerves releases the soreness, stimulates the blood circulation gently. The technique is so easy that for decades scientific data has been collected on how therapy takes place. If you really wish to know what is acupressure then you need to experience it and feel its healing touch by an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

No matter how much advanced we may have become in medical techniques to cure people, acupressure will always remain the foremost method to cure. If you notice, when you feel an ache or pain anywhere in the body, the most natural thing is to put your hand on it to know how tender it is and how it can be restored to good health. It could be a toothache or a fall on the knee. The palms of your own hands enable and reach out as the first aid before any other therapy is applied.

Acupressure works now under certain conditions, depending on various factors of the pain & patient, timing, chronic conditions and intensity of the problem. Today, it is a fabulous complementary technique used without side effects. Acupressure Clinic in Ahmedabad, Sujok Clinic Ahmedabad Gujarat.

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