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Acupressure Benefits

When a patient chooses acupressure treatment (i.e he/she does not have any health condition that cannot be cured or has just been operated on), the practitioner will diagnose, explain the treatment and how many sessions will be required to heal. When can the self-treatment begin and how the patient can continue to practice the same after the body balance has become normal. Done correctly it offers immense benefits too.

Treatment technique

There are basically two types of putting pressure on the meridian points.

a). Constant pressure

b). Stop gap pressure

In the first method, the affected point is selected and pressurized for a continuous time. The pressure is slowly increased depending on the patient’s comfort level. Maximum five minutes a point is pressed constantly.

The stopgap pressure is used when the point cannot be pressed for more than 20 seconds at a time. A gap of 10 seconds is given to continue with the pressure. This method also works best for 5 minutes or maximum 10 minutes.


There are few health benefits that have proved that acupressure, as a complementary therapy is extremely useful. They can be termed into three parts-preventive, early diagnosis and mitigating the disease.

  1. Prevention is better than cure. Hence, if anyone presses the vital pressure points on the hands and feet regularly for 5 minutes daily, it helps the overall wellness. It boosts the immune system and diseases are kept at bay.
  2. If for some reason an ailment occurs, the early symptoms detected are useful. The acupressure point will naturally be tender in the particular region. When pressure is applied the pain is detected. Proper measures for treatment can be envisaged by early detection of pain areas.
  3. Regular pressure techniques ensure that the diseases are mitigated and do not return.

Various researches are under trial but for all practical purposes the immediate benefits appear in the following cases:

  • Nausea and vomiting feeling can easily be put off by rubbing the wrists cups when the anesthesia effects withdraw after surgery, chemotherapy, motion sickness and even in pregnancy related issues.
  • Muscle tension is released when multiple sessions are used.
  • The blood circulation improves, as there are no blockages.
  • The discomfort reduces considerably and there are no negative reactions or side effects.
  • The toxins of the body are eliminated.
  • It creates the ‘chi’ for body balance.

At a deeper level, the entire session also promotes spirituality and wellness when healing is done

It can easily cure the following:

  • Stress related issues- it relaxes the entire mind and relieves the tension, improves sleep
  • Female disorders- menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, deficiency in lactation
  • Organ impairment-Asthma, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes management, kidney ailments
  • Gastrointestinal ailments-Acidity, indigestion, vomiting, distension, constipation
  • Painful conditions-Arthritis, lower back problem, sciatica, headaches, neuralgia and headaches

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