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Acupressure Works

Keeping blood circulation and stimulation as the core of its therapy, acupressure does not require any external medication or device-except pressure. In China life energy is called ‘chi’ and in Japan it is called ‘Ki’.

It is only recently that in the west, the scientists have accepted the concept of life energy that is the potent force of keeping healthy. Rousing various points on the skin triggers the nerves to release not only the blood but also various chemicals that the body produces on its own. The pain area is give relief by letting the blood flow and oxygen refreshes the entire being. When the circulation is normal the tensed muscles also relax. The brain gets a signal to calm down and the mood changes for the better.

One method of doing pressure via fingers is called Tuina. Another method called shen tao uses very gentle pressure of the fingertips only. Yet another technique called jin shin do, is applied when the patient needs to go into a deep hypnotic state or meditation so that the practitioner can work on the pain. The fingers, tips of fingers, thumbs are mainly used. In some cases the knees and the feet are also pressed into action. It all depends on the blockages of the nerves and for how long the patient has been suffering. As mentioned earlier the meridian points are pressed where the nerve endings are located.

When the pressure is applied certain chemicals like endorphins and those in the brain called neurochemicals are also released. These are vital in alleviating the aches and the tension that the blockages produce. While the aim is to remove the pain, at times, massage (but no oils are used) is also given to those areas. It is done with the fingers where the skin is pinched and massaged gently. It may be painful in the beginning but as the technique continues the blockage reduces bringing relief.

As acupressure works it makes the body ready for any kind of environmental changes that may affect in the future. It trains the body to develop its internal mechanism to heal. Once the harmony is established in the body the chances of imbalances also reduced.

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