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Acupressure Compared to other Therapies

Usefulness of acupressure compared to other therapies

Sometime or the other practically all chronic patients need complementary therapy to get well soon along with allopathic drugs. Today, acupressure is the most popular non-evasive method that is bringing patients to experienced therapists. This therapy is also known as Sujok in some parts of the world. The mere use of fingertips, hands elbows and feet to promote wellness is incredible. The blood, lymph glands and muscles, nerves are revitalized. The energy by whatever name you call, is rebooted.

Take for example; many people face the lower back pain. No matter how many tablets one swallow, the pain is always there. When acupressure is applied at the right points the pain goes, never to return. For this to happen the patient needs to take care and indulge in self-treatment. Many people across the world complain of lower back pain. A minimum of 6 sessions is useful to get the spine in good shape. In a study in UK 89% of patients who were given acupressure were relieved of the pain. Instead of any physical therapy, this method is more successful. The level of disability is reduced greatly.

Many children are administered acupressure before major surgeries. The anxious feeling dissipates and the child can take the stress of surgery easily. It is a potential calming exercise that many doctors recommend. It is non-evasive and most importantly it is drug free. As the child relaxes the recovery is also faster. It is better than giving an injection.

If women are suffering from hot flashes, they can simply go in for a session of acupressure. Even 5000 years ago, nausea, vomiting, simply pressing the areas with fingertips cured menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.  The sessions are spread over a period of 3 months for best benefits. The only time women should be careful of using this therapy is when they are pregnant. When massages are given, the therapist also uses acupressure as a manipulative treatment. It adds to the toning of the muscles and relaxes them completely.

Similarly even a chiropractor and an osteopath can make use of acupressure for their patients. And just to let you know, that even martial arts of the orient (in China & Japan) use acupressure points often. It adds to the mind calming and breathing techniques for positive results. Walking barefoot on uneven ground also releases the tension form the soles of the feet. It is highly recommended for people to do in the evenings. It promotes good sleep, and refreshes the mind.

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