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Acupressure Points for all Diseases

For regular well being, people can do self-treatment using various popular points in the body. Only in cases where professional help is required, one can approach the experienced practitioner. Daily stimulation of some points can be pressed for 5 minutes as a preventive measure. It is best done in the mornings to boost the energy levels. DO not press any point just after a meal or an empty stomach. They should be done at least after one hour. FEW EXAMPLES :

Common points

  • Hand
  • Legs
  • Abdominal
  • Face
  • Soles of the feet

The hand valley point

  • It is located between the thumb and index finger. When this point is pressed for five minutes it removes excessive heat, reduces headaches and migraines. It is also useful to eliminate toothaches, neck aches, tense shoulders and also constipation.
  • Base of the inside thumb
    The bulbous area just above the wrist is the base of the thumb. Pressing this point can reduce coughing and breathing.

Wrist point

  • The point just below the little finger can make one free from stress. It improves the emotional state. A little below, in the center is another wrist point, which is valuable in removing the feeling of nausea. This is also the point to remove indigestion, any other stomach related issues and anxiety.

Large intestine point

  • When you bend the hand, inside the elbow this point is located. It removes excessive heat from the body. Any unwanted perspiration is also removed. In a way it detoxifies the body from the wastewater.

Foot points-The big rushing point

  • If you have a headache you can press this point. It is locatedin between the toe and first finger a little above on the feet. Press in the valley to get the right point. Tired eyes cramps in the feet are also removed with this point.

Above tear point

  • Just above the last finger on the feet about an inch away is the tear point. Application of pressure here will help in getting relief from sciatica, shoulder tension, headaches, arthritic pain and also water retention.

Kidney point

  • On the soles of the feet this point is located. To get this point press the middle of the sole just below the arch of the feet. It is pressed to remove dizziness, headache, neck ache, and constipation.

Ankle point

  • If you wish to have a good digestion then press the inner side of the ankle region. This point is about two inches above the ankle. It gives a good appetite and eliminates body waste also.

Three-mile point

  • This point is located just below the kneecaps about two inches away on the outer side of the leg. It gives strength to the body, removes stomachaches and exhaustion.  It is a good point to press for proper digestion.

Middle points inside the kneecaps

  • If you have a back problem or bladder issue then pressing this point inside the kneecap is useful. It can cure stiff back, arthritis, and neck ache and runaway bladder.

Abdominal Points- Sorrow point

  • If you have ulcers press the point that is located in the mid rib cage. It is also called the solar plexus region. Pressing with fingers of the both hands also removes acidity in the stomach. Even pain on the ribs is reduced.

Sea of energy point

  • You can find it below the navel. It will ensure that there is no gas, constipation, lower back pain or any other abdominal pain.

Face Points- 3rd eye point

  • The area between the eyes on the forehead is the 3rd eye point. It can cure hay fever, headaches, indigestion and eyestrains also.

Drilling Bamboo points

  • This point is between the ridges of the eyes at the beginning of the nose. Pressing these points removes fatigue of the eyes, sinus, and also painful eyes.

Diseases of the lung, heart, kidney, skin dosroders or liver also have pressure points, but these can be pressed with the help of the professional with a few sessions. Once the patient starts to recover then self-treatment can be done.