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Acupressure in Ahmedabad

Healer Nisha is an well known acupressure in ahmedabad run by alternative therapy treatments like acupressure magnet treatment, acupressure colour treatment, acupressure seeds treatment, etc.

The Meridian therapy started in China almost 5000 years ago. It focuses on smooth flow of bio-energy and removal of blockages in the body. The main points in this therapy are located in the knees, elbows, fingers and the toes. They all connect to an organ in the body. Pressing these meridians help in relieving the pain. The ‘chi’ life energy runs through various meridians of the body and when the right acupressure is applied, it can rejuvenate and revitalize the body, mind and also the soul. The Chinese practitioners identified nearly 14 important meridians that need to be pressed. If the patient is treated well in time, then no illness erupts and the ‘chi’ flows normally in the body.

Acupressure Therapy :
Another form called Sujok acupressure has its origins in Korea. Professor Park Jae Woo who was also considered a philosopher developed it. Su and jok are Korean words that mean hand & foot. It cures the disease in the body by pressing hands and feet. It has 6 major divisions:

  1. Ki
  2. Auricular
  3. Head correspondence
  4. M-Practical
  5. Color chakras
  6. Acupuncture

It can be used in the treatment of several life-threatening conditions also.

Spread of Acupressure in India :
Acupressure was used in areas of southern areas of China where medicines and herbs were not available easily. Many travellers and scholars who came to India from there introduced this system in the sub continent. In 400 BC Chinese physician PienChueh treated a local prince and revived him with acupressure techniques. Thissystem spread via pilgrims to India. Even Ayurveda has some practices that depend on pressing fingers to alleviate pain and cure several diseases. Since various kinds of medical herbs were accessible acupressure was not so prevalent.

Many people are now returning to ancient healing methods as allopathic drugs come with various side effects. The future of acupressure is very safe, as it does not harm to the body. It does not have any negative reactions that can damage any part of the internal functioning of the body. Currently, it is good to know that many patients and doctors are recognizing its benefits for patients of all types. It is a complementary cure that can be adapted as it is also very affordable.